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MORS is your one stop source for top of the line commercial coolers, microwave freezer, chest freezer and other varied types of quality commercial refrigerators and freezers at catalogue prices. Commercial refrigeration stands as an essential element in today’s society, for conserving, preserving and protecting food items and other perishables while keeping it fresh for people around the world.

Commercial freezers hence have carved a niche for themselves in the ever growing retail, medical, industrial and catering sector. Featuring an extensive range of Ice cream freezer, chest freezer and commercial chest freezer at MORS we take care of the entire areas of refrigeration, ranging from medical to retail. We boast of a well qualified team, who has helped us in addressing the growing demand for upright coolers. No matter which freezer you choose, at MORS we assure quality at the highest level.

At MORS we pride ourselves in being the leading commercial chest cooler supplier for your food service establishment. Owing to our transparency in business dealings, end to end customer support and service, we share an abiding and strong relationship with our ever growing client list, dotted all across Canada. No matter what your commercial refrigeration need is, at MORS we will have you covered.

We understand that your priority is your product. Our priority is providing the right freezer for you.

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